Get Involved


A Captain is a team member who is unable to run because of physical impairments.  They are able to take part in races and fun runs by riding in a special adaptive run cart which is pushed by an adult runner (Navigator). The mobility, fellowship and joy of running is shared with these special young athletes in a way that will want them returning for more. We would LOVE to have them join our team. Please contact us with Captain requests and questions.


If you are a runner who desires something more . . . if you want to share your gift of running with those who cannot run on their own - we may have a spot for you on the team.  

Note:  At this time, we are fully staffed with Navigators, but do anticipate bringing more onto the team as we grow and add more Captains.

Other Ways To Help

We are funded 100% by donations - and your gift of any amount is GREATLY appreciated. In addition, as we grow, we will have need for volunteers who can help us with Captains, Navigators, cart transportation, races and communication. If you have questions, or if you have a skill which will benefit Team RunFree - we would love to hear from you.